Orange network is down due to ‘multiple segmentations in the fiber network’


Orange network, the biggest mobile operator in Romania, is has difficulties all over the country. Many customers a experiencing problems with the signal, both data and voice, starting 15:00 hours. The operator announced on Facebook that is working to solve the problems.

Starting at 15 o’clock, Orange’s voice and data networks stopped working in several localities in the country. The problems were encountered in Bucharest, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Arad, Galati, Deva, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov and Timisoara, according to the information we have so far. Neither the portal could be accessed, except with big delays.

“At the moment, some of our customers are having difficulty accessing voice and data services as well as Orange applications. This situation occurs as a result of multiple segmentation in the fiber optic network. Our colleagues from the Technical Department are already working to fix the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. We come back as soon as we have news,” the company said on Facebook.

Orange Romania offers mobile, fixed and TV services to more than 10 million customers.

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