EU approves delay to Brexit but new date depends on UK’s decisions


EU leaders have agreed on a postponement to Brexit beyond March 29. The UK will be offered a delay until May 22 if its MPs approve the withdrawal deal negotiated by Theresa May, which was already rejected two times.

If MPs still don’t accept the deal, the EU will offer a shorter delay, until April 12, to give the UK time to either get the deal through or look for another way forward.

PM Theresa may said MPs now had a “clear choice” and that she would “make every effort to make sure the UK can leave with a deal”.

May also dismissed a petition to revoke Article 50, which gathered more than two million signatures in less than two days.

European Commission President Donald Tusk said “all options remain on the table… the UK government will still have a chance of a deal, no deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50.” However, the UK will have to decide by April 12 in order to let the EU know whether they would take part in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

If the UK has not decided by 12 April whether to take part in the elections the “option of a long extension will automatically become impossible”, Tusk said.


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